Detoxifying Mask


Detoxifying Mask

Use weekly to lift impurities and balance skin:

  • Absorb and trap oil, dirt and debris with Japanese white charcoal
  • Sweep away impurities from deep within the pores with kaolin clay
  • Clear skin with magnesium aluminum silcate, a naturally occurring clay
Understanding pores
How pores get clogged
  • Keratin combines with dead skin cells, oil and debris, causing keratinized cellular buildup
  • Keratinized cellular buildup sticks to the sides of the pores
  • This buildup clogs the pores, and makes it harder to release any debris trapped inside
Who experiences clogged pores
  • Everybody experiences clogged pores at some point
  • Those with oily or acneic skin typically are more prone to clogged pores
  • Clogged pores can appear anywhere on the body, especially the face and back
What to do about it
  • Regular cleansing and exfoliation keeps the pores clear of excess dirt, oil and debris
  • Ingredients like clay and charcoal absorb and pull debris out of the pores
  • These ingredients have small pores in their molecular structure that trap dirt, sweeping debris away
Healthy pore
Clear pores leave the surface of the skin soft, smooth and breakout-free.


Clogged pore
As keratinized cell debris builds up, it becomes harder to keep pores clear.
Cystic breakout
Long-term clogged pores can lead to breakouts, enlarged pores and sluggish skin.

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